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Some of the most Frequently Asked Question about Tattoos.


In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and following advice from Scottish government, the way we work has had to change. Over the next few days we will be adding a Covid section to the website with all the info you need.

Do Tattoos Hurt?
The most commonly asked question for some one who has no tattoos is always: “do they hurt” Actually, getting a tattoo is not very painful nowadays because modern tattoo equipment and techniques have made the process of tattooing much more bearable.

Of course, depending on where and what your tattoo is, the amount of discomfort can vary to some degree. Generally speaking we say that if you have ever stubbed your toe, that is more painful than the worst tattoo you’d ever get. But it is normally it is no where near as painful as that. Discomfort at worst.
How much do they cost?

They not only cost in money they cost in time!

Try to give your artist a rough idea of what you are willing to spend on your tattoo, both in time and money!
Most studios charge on an hourly basis. Roughly any where between £60 - £120 per hour.
Our hourly rate is £80, we have special half day rates ( 3 hours ) for £200 and full day ( 5 Hours) for £300.

But prices can be very subjective ( some tattooist will charge less for work they enjoy! ). But please be realistic!

For larger work.. back pieces, full sleeves, etc. Try and have an idea of a monthly budget, in both time and money, so you can get what you want.
Remember : Some work can take a LONG time to complete!
Time is one of the most important factors in getting good tattoos.... The more time you spend researching the images and styles. Looking for the right artist to do it, and giving the artist enough time complete it!

Looking for a price on a fairly simple tattoo?

We've added a special features here on our website that might help you get a rough idea on prices for simple tattoos: Try our on line tattoo cost calculator : click here! or go to the menu and click Cost!
How much for a sleeve?
This is one of the most commonly asked questions. It's like asking how much for a car? There are so many factors involved it means there are many types of tattoo sleeves. It's not a question that has a simple answer that would give you any idea of cost.

That being said, if we had to average out the length of time spent on sleeves it would be between 4 to 6 full day sittings. This is just a rough indication based only on average.
How do I go about getting a custom tattoo?
We have a whole section on the process on getting a custom tattoo.. click here for the page or pick Custom Tattoos from the menu
How do I go about getting a cover-up tattoo?
When looking to get a cover-up the most important thing to understand that you will need to like what is covering your old tattoo or you will end up wanting another cover-up.

Get as many ideas of what you like for your artist. DO NOT try and work out what will cover your old tattoo! Your job is to let the artist know what you like. It’s the only part of the tattoo that we can’t help you with.

4 Things too bear in mind:

  1. The cover-up can’t be smaller than the tattoo you want to cover ( yes I know this sounds simple, but we have been asked before and are just making sure we don't again. )
  2. Things like portraits, fine line work or anything that is a rigid design ( things like exact logos, names, tribal, etc ) are not the best for cover-ups. This is not saying that they can’t be done, every tattoo is different but just be aware.
  3. Colour is better than black and grey! The more tools you allow your artist to use in covering your old tattoo the better. But again this in only something too bear in mind and not an absolute rule.
  4. Send everything you like! Even if rules 2 and 3 makes you think that it won’t work send it any way (It still can’t be smaller). Something you send might work or help the artist suggest something that will and if you like it that your most important job. But please be realistic.

Now you should look at our Guide to Custom work and add these 4 things to the other advice in the guide:
Click here
Is it safe?
As long as you go to a reputable, good tattoo artist that is following all recommended safety precautions and their licence conditions, getting a tattoo is perfectly safe. At the Comedian Tattoo we have always been ahead of the curve when it comes to making sure that tattooing is safe and clean. Make sure you're fully honest about any medical conditions, listen to and follow the aftercare advice and your tattoo experience will be a good one.
Can I get tattooed if I have health/medical problems?
It really depends on the type of medical condition. This is the sort of thing you should discuss with your doctor. Make sure to follow their professional advice and look after yourself. No tattoo is worth risking your health over.
Can I take Painkillers or numbing creams before getting tattooed
No, sorry! A lot of painkillers act as blood thinners, which means you bleed easier and that in turn makes you harder to tattoo and some skin numbing creams can affect the tattooing process. Always discuss numbing creams with your tattoo artist they might be able to help you with ones that do not interfere with the tattooing process.
How should I prepare before getting tattooed
Make sure you are well rested, well hydrated, showered, clean and have eaten recently. Make sure you bring your ID. It’s a good idea to bring your phone charger. Do not drink alcohol or take drugs. ( If you take prescription medication you should discuss any adverse side effects that might arise with being tattooed with a medical professional )
Whats the best type of clothing to wear on the day?
Make sure you wear comfortable clothing that is easy to put on and take off if need be, particularly if you are getting a tattoo on an area you normally leave covered (chest, thigh, etc.). It’s a good idea to wear clothes that you wouldn’t mind getting a little stained with ink or blood. Loose and comfortable clothing is a good rule of thumb.
How old do you have to be to get Tattooed?
You have to be at least 18 years old to get tattooed. This is the LAW. This law on tattooing has been in place since 1969. It is not a parental consent thing, you cannot get tattooed legally under the age of 18. Any tattoo artist willing to risk their licence and break the law to tattoo you is not your friend doing you a favour, they are likely so bad that the only work the can get is exploiting underagers for money.
What forms of ID do you take
The only forms of ID we can except are a photo driving licence, a passport or a proof of age card, such as the PASS card from the national Proof of Age Standards Scheme.
Can I bring people with me?
EDIT: Due to the Corona virus : You Must come alone to get tattooed. No one but the client will be allowed into the studio.

People under the age of 18 are never allowed into The Comedian Tattoo Studios.
How do I look after my new tattoo?
We have a whole section on the process on looking after your new tattoo.. click here for the page or pick After Care from the menu
When shouldn't I get Tattooed?
You should not get tattooed if you are pregnant, pre-surgery, post surgery, when you have sunburn, when you are being pressured into it, when you are feeling ill or sick or when we tell you that it's not a good idea. As always listen to your tattoo artist, we are trying to help.
Can I get a tattoo when I've been drinking alcohol or taking drugs?
No you will not even be able to enter the studio if you have been.

If you have any questions that are not answered here please get in touch.