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A simple answer to a complex question about tattoos

  • We have tried to make a very simple system as a cost indictor for the tattoos you are looking to get. This is not a magical mind reader that will answer completely accurately every time. All it is, is a way of give you a very rough indication to what the tattoo may cost by answering some simple questions.
Basic Price Structure
  • First you should know how basic tattoo pricing works.
  • Tattoos are based on time, complexity and may factor the artist desire to do the work (Some artist may charge less/more if they really want to do the tattoo)
  • At the Comedian Tattoo we have a basic rate of £100 per hour, minimum of one hours work charge.
  • Special rate for Half Day sitting (3 hours) at £200
  • Special rate for Full Day (4-5 Hours) at £300
  • Theses prices are for a guide only.
  • Tattoo work is priced solely at the artist discretion.
What you need!
  • You will have to know.. The Style, the size and the complexity of the design that you are after. With these basic ideas we can get an indication of the rough time it will take to tattoo you and from that the price
Help with terms
  • We have added a page to the site with a glossary of tattoo styles incase you do not know the name of the tattoo style you want. This can be found by clicking the Style button or by clicking Styles in the website menu
Please note
  • Of course, our price calculator will not be able to guess exactly how much you’ll have to pay for a new tattoo, only give you a rough indication. Prices can vary significantly based on other factors outside the questions we can ask in this very simple series of questions. In short this is only to give you a very basic estimate of the average tattoo cost based on the answers you give us.
  • Also note that cover up tattoo work almost always add to the price of a tattoo, due to the extra amount of work involved. Unfortunately this can not be given an average pricing and can only be done on a tattoo by tattoo basis.

Use our cost calculator to give you a rough price on the tattoo you want.