Just some fun things to waste some time on.

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The Tattoos of Screen and TV: Level 1

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How well do you know characters tattoos from the big and little screen? Can you identify the tattoos from the sliver screen and TV from only one picture.. Give our quiz a go and test your fantasy ink credentials! l

The Tattoos of Screen and TV: Level 2

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How well do you did you do at level 1.. now lets make thing a little harder for you!

The Tattoos of Screen and TV: 90's editon!

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How well do you think you'll do on the 90's version of Tattoo for the Screen?

The Tattoos of Screen and TV: Level 3

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Let's keep going.. and see just how well yo know your stuff!

The Tattoos of Screen and TV: Level 4

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If there's no stopping you .. bring it!


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Try an on-line simple version of one the rounds from our podcast This Month In Drinking History! Where you guess which of the stories from the pub owner Eliott are the Drunken Lie or Sober Truth! Find out if you can tell a what crazy stories from drinking days gone by are true or false!

Think you are a Workaholic Genius?

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Are you a workaholic genius overachiever??? This quiz and it will let you know for SURE if you are or not!


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What about a game of minesweeper when the boss isn't looking! It's set on hard…. So beware!!