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This month in drinking history, is a game show podcast all about drinking alcohol.

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Hosted by comedians Ian TC and Eliott Simpson, with regular guests such as Thomas Craven, Raheil Ahmad, Craig Wilson with some special guest every month: so far we’ve had Comedians like Billy Kirkwood, Ben Verth, Vladimir McTavish, John Gavin, Raymond Mearns, Paul McDaneil MC Hammersmith and the Reverend Obadiah Steppenwolfe the third to name but a few.

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In this monthly podcast we play games and tells stories that draws from each panelist personal stories of drinking and also from famous historical drinking stories/event. Covering everything from new cocktail ideas and historical drinking facts to reasons for drinking and famous quotes about alcohol. As most of us in life, we're not playing to win... we're playing not to lose, because the loser has to pick up the bar tab!. So join us, grab your favourite drink, and enjoy as we play: This Month In Drinking History.

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