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Debay DeLux: Tattoo Artist, Model, Performer.

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Debay has been tattooing under the Mentor of Ian The Comedian since early 2013. She has a degree in  Fashion Design, alongside other qualifications in life drawing and Illustration. Debay takes strong influence from all of these areas of study.With strong interests in colour, pattern and bold, illustrative designs.

Tattoo Galleries, Social Media, Art and Performance shots.

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Book a Tattoo with Debay
  • If you are looking to book in with Debay please read our Booking Guide and Custom Tattoos guide these will tell you everything you need to book a tattoo with Debay.
  • Fill in and send Debay your tattoo ideas by using the consultation form at the end of the guide to custom tattoos.
  • After the consultation form you can book a consultation time to discuss your tattoo ideas.
  • We look forward to hearing from you.
Prints and Art commissions
Art prints coming soon.. But you can contact Debay for commissions on custom Art.
As well as tattooing, Debay De Lux has been a performer and actress for over 10 years. Starting her career with the infamous Club Noir close to a decade ago, and since the troupe disbanded in 2017, has been on her own adventures taking her to stages UK wide.

Appearing everywhere rom Edinburgh Fringe to Torture Garden, T in the park and main support for Burlesque legend Raquel Reed.
Debay has also done various roles such as music videos, adverts and even some smaller parts in movies and tv shows such as the movie Filth, Gary Tank Commander, Million Dollar Princesses and River City to name a few.

Her creativity, and passion for art, is apparent in every aspect of her life. When she isn’t on stage or tattooing Debay is, creating art, modelling or coordinating the fashion shows at the legendary Torture Garden. As well as doing public speaking and campaign work for Sex Positive Feminism and Body Positivity.

Please get in touch about your Tattoo ideas or if you have any questions not answered on the website.

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